Viral Meme Star Discusses ‘Out of Control’ Masculinity

( – Social media influencer Ali. C Lopez is unsure about how to feel after going viral for recent comments made during an appearance on the podcast “Whatever.” Lopez identifies as a transgender woman but holds a starkly different view than most involved in the mainstream LGBT movement. Memes with Lopez’s face were widely circulated on TikTok and YouTube Shorts following the interview. Lopez discussed declining masculinity and finding proper suitors who still do manly things.

Lopez appeared on Fox News to discuss the comments and the belief that “men nowadays are expecting princess treatment.” Lopez elaborated further, stating, “At least for me, you better be able to do more than what my dad can do.” Lopez added that there would be no point for a man to stay around if he could not do manly things like changing a flat tire. Lopez described how women appear to do most of the heavy lifting in a relationship, even financially. Lopez called on men to start behaving like men again.

Lopez suggested that transgender people offer grace to the older generation because they were raised differently. Lopez described how they grew up in a completely different world than we live in today and may not understand transgenderism. Lopez also discussed how other Gen Z’s either refuse to discuss or become angry when debating transgender issues. Lopez said that respectful discussions of the topic should occur peacefully. Lopez said that accusations of transphobia should not be applied to individuals with impunity just because they may disagree with transgenderism.

Following the podcast appearance, Lopez was nicknamed “Gorlock the Destroyer” from the Elder Scrolls video games. Lopez considered leaning into the nickname but also said that it was sometimes still bothersome. Lopez eventually quit caring about the name and is adjusting to life as an internet meme. Lopez said that sometimes it does not seem like real life. Lopez often experiences a multitude of mixed feelings about going viral.

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