United Nations Foundation Under Scrutiny for Climate Policy Influence

(IntegrityTimes.com) – The United Nations Foundation is a charitable organization founded in 1998 by American entrepreneur, Ted Turner. Turner believes the United Nations (U.N.) is integral to addressing the world’s problems. As an important strategic partner of the U.N., the United Nations Foundation is dedicated to pursuing the U.N.’s goals, in particular their world agenda called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which seeks to alter nearly every aspect of life worldwide by 2030 across environmental, social and economic lines.

Fox News Digital recently investigated tax filings by the United Nations Foundation to see where their funding is coming from and where it is going. The results were eye-opening. Between 2020 and 202s the organization has transferred $5.4 million to 12 state governments. These grants are often marked with the somewhat unclear purpose of “U.N. Strengthening”. New Mexico state Senate Republican Leader Greg Baca has commented that he finds it concerning that global government activists may be buying their way into influencing public policy.

The D.C. lawyer who submitted the information requests for the watchdog groups Power the Future and Government Accountability & Oversight (GAO). Chris Horner says that their finding reveals that wealthy donors are basically using the United Nations Foundation to fund layers of staff who are now involved in doing the work of government led by a U.N. ‘strategic partner’. These funds provide salaries for staff at governor’s offices, regulatory agencies and even one cabinet official. As they are being paid for by The United Nations Foundation, they take their priorities and agenda from them.

Maine’s Office of the Governor, Energy Office and Department of Agriculture received $853,000 in from the organization in that same time frames, and North Carolina’s Office of the Governor, Department of Commerce and Department of Transportation received nearly $1.2 million marked as U.S. Climate Alliance grants. While concern for climate and energy issues are paramount for many, some are concerned that non-governmental organizations are subverting democratic and sovereign rule by buying their way into positions of influence within official governmental departments.

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