Trump Critic Jake Tapper to Moderate Presidential Debate

( – On Wednesday May 14, CNN announced that both President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump have agreed to a moderated debate.

The televised event will take place at CNN’s studios in Atlanta, Georgia on June 27 and will be moderated by CNN anchor Jake Tapper and colleague Dana Bash. Biden’s campaign has previously demanded host networks avoid personalities who are overtly partisan. Some commenters have pointed out that Tapper has a history of openly hostile coverage of Trump and Republicans as a whole.

Just before Trump’s inauguration in January of 2017 Tapper co-authored a report about the Steele dossier and then spent months legitimizing the claims made within. The report is a 35-page controversial political opposition research detailing unproven allegations regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election. Over the years he’s called the former president a liar, insane and compared him to murderous dictators. Bash also has a track record of hostility towards Republicans in general and former president Trump specifically. Earlier this year she called Trump dangerous and antisemitic.

Some people are concerned that the CNN moderators will not be able to restrain themselves in light of their extreme loyalty to the Democrats during the debate. However, others wonder if they will be able to keep the notoriously unpredictable former President under control. In past debates, Trump has been known to criticize moderators before and after debates. He’s even turned on them during debates, particularly if they interrupt him. One concern is that with CNN’s aggressively anti-Trump moderators, he could be even more reactive and defensive.

While the upcoming debate has some clear pitfalls, some are just relieved the candidates agreed to have a public debate. Previously it seemed as though neither of them were interested in participating in the time-honored tradition. With the intense polarization that marks politics currently, it is increasingly difficult to debate as there does not seem to be anyone who can maintain professional journalistic objectivity. ABC has also announced a presidential debate to be aired September 10 and moderated by ABC anchors Linsey Davis and David Muir.

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