Supreme Court Denies Appeal By Hunter Biden’s Associate

( – Hunter Biden’s former business partner Devon Archer was dealt a blow by the United States Supreme Court on January 22 when it rejected his appeal to have his criminal conviction thrown out. Archer was initially found guilty by a jury of his peers in 2018 for allegedly defrauding a Native American tribe to the tune of $60 million. However, U.S. District Judge Ronnie Abrams threw out the conviction because she believed Archer was innocent. Archer thought he was in the clear until federal prosecutors appealed and his conviction was reinstated by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals shortly before the 2020 presidential election.

Archer appealed to the Supreme Court for the first time in 2021 but was rejected. He was then sentenced by Judge Abrams in 2022 to one year and one day in prison. His attorneys had successfully delayed his imprisonment since the conviction was reinstated. They also noted that they planned to file multiple appeals. For the second appeal, his attorneys claimed that the district court incorrectly calculated his sentencing range. The justices again declined to hear his appeal without explanation. It is unclear how many appeals Archer’s attorneys have in the works. If none of them hold, Archer will be ordered to prison, pay $43.4 million in restitution and a forfeiture of $15.7 million.

Archer’s name has been in the spotlight in recent years due to his many business deals with Hunter Biden. His name appeared in multiple emails and documents on Hunter Biden’s laptop, and he testified last year to the House Oversight Committee for its investigation into the Biden family business dealings. Archer told the committee that President Biden was directly involved with his son’s business dealings and that Hunter Biden was “selling the brand” of the Biden name. Democrats have worked to mischaracterize Archer’s testimony in an attempt to disassociate President Biden from his son’s business ventures. Their efforts have proven unsuccessful, and Republicans have continued their pursuit of bringing the truth to light.

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