Stormy Daniels May Leave U.S. Post-Trump Acquittal, Husband Says

( – The husband of Stormy Daniels has said that the couple, both of whom work in the adult film industry, are likely to flee the U.S. if former President Donald Trump is found innocent of criminal charges in his hush money trial currently taking place in Manhattan.

Barrett Blade suggested the pair’s possible move when discussing the vitriolic response to his wife’s allegations and testimony. Daniels has alleged that Trump had an affair with her during a golf tournament in 2006. The prosecution claims that Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen attempted to silence the adult film star with a $130,000 payout, and that this was covered up with falsified business statements.

Blade commented in the interview with reporters that the situation was not likely to improve for Daniels either way. He suggested that if Trump is found not guilty, the couple will have to decide what to do, but if the former president is convicted it may still trigger retribution against his wife as the person responsible for landing Trump in jail. Blake stressed that he and his wife just wanted to get on with their lives, and called her a “warrior” for battling through the case and rising above the many hate-filled comments she receives on social media.

Daniels, who was born Stephanie Clifford, has claimed to have had a troubled childhood and that her mother left her alone to go hungry. Her mother, 65-year-old Sheila Gregory, claimed she had only left her alone while at work with food in the refrigerator, saying that it was “not a crime” to be poor. Following her decision to work as a stripper and work in the adult film industry in Los Angeles, Daniels was “adopted” by a gay couple who became increasingly worried about Trump’s policies and how they would affect their lives. Daniels has defended her line of work, and said she would not prevent her daughter from entering the same industry.

Celebrities promising to flee the U.S. because of Trump is nothing new; leading up to Trump’s victorious 2016 election, numerous celebrities including Amy Schumer, Samuel L. Jackson and Miley Cyrus vowed to leave the country if Trump became president, and in 2020 Tommy Lee, Ricky Martin and Bruce Springsteen among others made similar threats. None of the celebrities delivered on their promises following Trump’s 2016 win.

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