Schiff ‘Flabbergasted’ by Johnson’s Presence Outside Trump’s Courthouse

( – On Thursday May 16 several notable Republicans traveled to New York in a show of support for former president Trump in his ongoing hush money trial in Manhattan.

Some commenters have been judging them harshly for their support, characterizing it as just power-hungry demonstrations. Democrat California Representative Adam Schiff referred to it as kissing the ring of Donald Trump, particularly calling out Speaker of the House Republican Louisiana Representative Mike Johnson. Some found this surprising as Schiff made waves this year by voting to keep Johnson as Speaker.

Johnson has recently been vociferously denouncing the trials against Trump as corrupt. Referring to the Manhattan trial as the latest in a series of “partisan witch hunts” he suggested that it is obvious that the American judicial system is being weaponized. Schiff commented that he was “flabbergasted” that the Speaker would travel so far in what Shiff has referred to as a pilgrimage. He also indicated he believes that Johnson is lying and unfairly denigrating the justice system.

Speaking for the other Republicans who gathered outside the courthouse, Republican Virginia Representative Bob Good indicated they were there because of the gag order against Trump. He specified that they could say the things that the judge’s orders would not allow the former president to say. He then went on to comment on the money being raised by Judge Juan Merchan’s daughter, Loren Merchan. She has worked for Authentic Campaigns which is a firm that does digital campaign work for Democrat political candidates. Her current standing with the company is unknown. Trump is specifically forbidden to discuss her or make any comments suggesting her father may have a conflict of interest in the trial due to their association.

While Schiff has characterized Republican support of Trump during the trial as just an attempt to gain and maintain power, some have criticized him in similar ways. His vote for Johnson prevented the Speaker from being ousted from his seat which was favored by many Republicans. Schiff has defended his vote because of the need to support Ukraine and to maintain leadership in the House. He says he does not regret his vote but is disappointed in Johnson’s current actions in support of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

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