RFK Jr. Issues Apology Over Super Bowl Super PAC Ad

(IntegrityTimes.com) – Independent 2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) issued an apology for a Super Bowl advertisement that was bought by the American Values Super PAC. The ad featured various images from President John F. Kennedy’s 1960 presidential campaign. In his apology on X, formerly Twitter, RFK Jr. wrote, “I’m so sorry” if the ad “caused anyone in my family pain.” RFK Jr. made clear that his campaign was not involved and did not approve of the advertisement. He noted that Federal Election Commission (FEC) rules forbid communication between his campaign and the super PAC.

According to the super PAC’s co-chair Tony Lyons, the 30-second ad cost a whopping $7 million. Despite the apology, RFK Jr. has kept the ad pinned to the top of his X account since Super Bowl Sunday. The super PAC was launched shortly after RFK Jr. announced his intention to run for president but faced scrutiny for having donors who also donated to former President Trump. Democratic and GOP donors were listed in the super PAC’s financial report, which is what would normally be expected for an Independent PAC. However, RFK Jr. was still running as a Democratic candidate at that point.

On February 9, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) filed an FEC complaint that accused RFK Jr.’s campaign of scheming with the super PAC to gain access to state ballots. In the complaint, the DNC claimed that RFK Jr.’s campaign would be required to violate federal law by having direct financial involvement with the super PAC to obtain the ballot signatures it collected. Some states require campaigns to collect their own ballot signatures, which RFK Jr.’s campaign is also doing. RFK Jr.’s campaign responded to the accusation in a statement, claiming that it had not accepted any signatures from the super PAC or any other PAC. The statement noted that his campaign could not dictate what PACs spend their money on. RFK Jr. posted about the complaint on X, criticizing the DNC for its actions related to the 2024 primary elections.

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