Relatives of Sandy Hook Victims Push for Alex Jones Company Closure

( – Relatives of the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting are calling for the liquidation of Alex Jones’ businesses.

Relatives of the victims won $1.5 billion in damages in a lawsuit against the conspiracy theorist over his claims that the 2012 massacre was a hoax. Lawyers representing the victim’s families wrote to a bankruptcy court judge on June 2 demanding the swift rejection of Jones’ petition to recognize his Free Speech Systems company, which includes Infowars.

In the hearing in Houston on June 3, Judge Christopher Lopez rejected the calls to immediately liquidate the company in the bankruptcy dispute. Lopez stated, however, that the motion will be addressed on June 14, when he is expected to make a decision on whether to liquidate Jones’ company and assets. In his original claims that landed him in court, Jones suggested that the Sandy Hook massacre was faked to force Americans to embrace stricter gun control measures.

Having been banned on multiple platforms following the lawsuit, Jones immediately caused controversy after Elon Musk restored his X account in December 2023 when he shared a post by misogynist influencer Andrew Tate. Tate faces 3 cases in two countries – Romania and the UK – and numerous charges that include rape, sex trafficking and running a criminal organization.

Jones took to his web and radio show with “emergency broadcasts” suggesting that his broadcasts could be shut down at any moment by the bankruptcy system and federal government. The host appeared to cry during the profanity-filled rants, and called on followers to gather round his studio in Austin, Texas, to protect it with a human chain. Jones claimed on his show that there was “no avenue out” for his company.

The lawyers for the families claimed that Jones’ company has no chances of getting an approval for a reorganization plan. If the request for the company’s liquidation is granted, the move could reduce the families’ ability to collect on the verdict. Such a decision would, however, force Jones to sell most of his assets other than his house and personal belongings.

Jones’ broadcasts also related to a dispute between the host and PQPR Holdings Limited, the company that supplies nutritional supplements sold by Jones on his shows. PQPR attorney, Stephen Lemmon, said it would be better for everybody if Jones’ shows are banned from operating until the hearing on June 14. The company claimed the host was being uncooperative in the bankruptcy proceedings.

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