Pentagon Keeps Biden Aide Despite Security Breach

( – On Thursday February 8, Special Counsel Robert Kyoung Hur released the 345-page report detailing his findings on the investigation into President Biden’s improper handling and storage of classified documents from his time as former president Obama’s Vice President. When Obama left office in January 2017, then outgoing Vice President Biden had his executive assistant, Kathy Chung, pack 15 boxes from his file cabinets and move them to a temporary office leased by the General Services Administration (GSA).

This was the first of many moves the boxes of documents made to various locations, apparently none of which were very secure. Hur’s report indicated that there were more than 600 pages of sensitive classified content, including information about intelligence methods and sources, as well as military secrets that were all stored in unsecured locations and in unauthorized containers. Some were being kept in tattered boxes in the garage of Biden’s home in Delaware. The stash located in the Delaware garage included top secret information relating to China, Ukraine, Iran and Afghanistan.

While Chung admits to packing, unpacking and repacking the boxes herself, as well as transporting them and storing them, she has denied knowledge of what was in them. Many of the documents were labeled “Eyes Only” which Chung knew to indicate classified information, but she claims that these documents lacked the red or orange cover sheet that usually accompanied classified documents. Despite being asked to retrieve documents fairly often for Biden and some of the documents even having notes upon them made in her handwriting, she insists she didn’t know any classified documents were among those she was tasked with storing.

Despite the many inconsistencies with her testimony and actions, Hur ultimately decided that Chung was innocent of any deliberate wrongdoing in removing and storing the classified documents for Biden. He even suggested that Biden and Chung may have simply forgotten about the documents. Kathy Chung was appointed by Biden to work as assistant to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, a position that could include access to sensitive military information. Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, who served both Obama and Trump’s administrations, believes Chung’s security clearance should be suspended or even revoked, while she is investigated more thoroughly.

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