Pelosi Points Finger at Russia for Anti-Israel Protests

( – California Democratic Representative Nancy Pelosi has spent years blaming Russia for basically everything that goes against the Democratic narrative. In the last several weeks, far-left protestors calling for a cease-fire in Gaza have heckled Democratic lawmakers in various locations. Many are from liberal higher-education institutions, where antisemitism is on the rise at an alarming rate. Despite the statements from far-left student and faculty groups at America’s most prominent universities that blame the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel, Pelosi somehow believes they are but a minuscule portion of the anti-Israel protestors.

Instead, Pelosi believes they are connected to Russia. During a January 28 interview on CNN, Pelosi told Dana Bash that the protestors who are demanding a cease-fire are parroting “Mr. Putin’s message.” She provided no evidence to back up her claim but went on to say that an investigation into how the protestors are financed should occur. She told Bash that she wanted “to ask the FBI to investigate that.” Most Democratic lawmakers, including Pelosi, are completely supportive of Israel’s retaliatory actions against Hamas. While Russian President Vladimir Putin has said many times that he believes Israel has the right to defend itself, the country’s envoy to the United Nations has spoken out against certain decisions from the Israeli government.

Antisemitic incidents in the United States rose to record levels back in 2022, according to a report from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war against Hamas after the October 7 attack last year, hate crimes against Jewish people in predominately Democratic New York City increased by 214 percent in less than a month. Polling from The Economist/YouGov in December showed the effects of anti-Israel indoctrination on college campuses. A shocking one in five Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 do not believe that the Holocaust was real. Seeming that the Russian government is the Democratic Party’s sworn enemy, it is highly unlikely that Putin has influenced any of the protestors to call for a cease-fire.

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