Nikki Haley Gets Roasted from 9-Year-Old

( – As the 2024 elections are fast approaching, candidates have been spending most of their time in the early primary states such as Iowa and New Hampshire. Former South Carolina Governor and presidential primary candidate Nikki Haley found herself in hot water after failing to acknowledge slavery as one of the primary causes of the Civil War. The gaffe occurred at a New Hampshire town hall event on December 27, which resulted in Haley spending the following day clarifying her remarks. However, she had a new issue to contend with at another town hall event in the state on December 28.

A feisty 9-year-old boy was curious to learn why Haley had turned against former President Trump after championing his leadership during and after serving as Ambassador to the United Nations in his administration. He told Haley that he agreed with former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie when he said she was “a flip-flopper on the Donald Trump issue.” He went further, telling Haley that she was “basically the new John Kerry.” Haley responded by defending her support of the former president’s policies but stated that she did not think that the country could handle the chaos of another Trump term. She also accused Christie of being obsessed with Trump and basing his entire campaign around criticizing him.

Haley told the child that she was nothing like John Kerry, who claimed he was against the war in Iraq but voted to militarily attack Saddam Hussein’s regime. The boy also asked if she would pardon Trump if she was elected president, to which she confirmed that she would.

During the town hall, Haley addressed her Civil War comments from the previous night, explaining that she believed the bigger issue that defined the purpose of the Civil War was the role of the government. She said that Americans’ freedoms and liberties were solidified because of the war. She also suggested that the Biden administration was behind the person asking about the Civil War to ruin the event.

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