Michigan GOP Ousts Troubled Leader Karamo

(IntegrityTimes.com) – Republican infighting in Michigan has caused quite the stir over the last few weeks, with one faction of the state GOP vowing to oust the Party’s chairwoman after she refused to resign. Kristina Karamo has only held the position for 11 months, winning with her promise to work for constituents instead of the political establishment. Karamo previously ran for Secretary of State in 2022 with the endorsement of former President Trump but lost to the Democratic incumbent Jocelyn Benson. Eight of the 13 district chairs for the GOP pushed for her resignation, claiming that the party was financially unstable. They also said that they wanted to “put an end to the chaos” in the Michigan GOP, which is a common phrase used by the anti-Trump wing of the Republican Party.

On January 6, the party members held a meeting to vote to oust Karamo at a Commerce Township gun range, a meeting which she said was unofficial and illegal. Supporters of Karamo commenced outside the range, including GOP committee member Barry Doherty. He told reporters that the meeting, to which he was denied entrance by security, was not an official GOP meeting and that anything decided would be considered invalid. He said that he came to tell other members that they could air their grievances at the official GOP meeting on January 13. He also expressed concerns that some GOP members were not aware of the progress that has been made because of Karamo’s work.

On the same day as the party members voted to oust Karamo, the official Michigan GOP released a new caucus plan that will be debated at the January 13 meeting. The email said that Michigan voters should be allowed to elect candidates who are properly vetted. A video released on the Party’s official Rumble channel explained how the process would work and why the GOP believes that caucuses are the right choice moving forward. Karamo’s deputy chief of staff, Joel Studebaker argued that voters would not be disenfranchised because they want strong Republicans who will fight for them. Michigan GOP budget committee chairman Dan Bonamie appeared in the video, stating that current elected officials only work for the people who donate the most money.

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