Kamala: Ready to Assume Presidency?

(IntegrityTimes.com) – With the 2024 presidential election fast approaching, Democrats have begun voicing concerns over President Biden’s age and his ability to serve a full second term. While most have thrown their support behind the 81-year-old, rumors have persisted that he will be replaced by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) at the last minute.

Vice President Kamala Harris made clear that she was “ready to serve” during an interview with The Wall Street Journal. She also said that everyone “walks away fully aware of my capacity to lead,” after they have seen her work. Notably, the interview was published one day before Special Counsel Robert Hur released his damning report following the conclusion of his investigation into Biden’s mishandling and willful retention of classified documents.

Hur chose not to prosecute Biden because he believed that the president’s attorneys would win in court with the argument that Biden was too old and had trouble remembering things. The report thrust Biden’s cognitive capabilities further into the spotlight, prompting him to hold a spur-of-the-moment press conference to refute Hur’s assertions. However, instead of easing the minds of Americans and providing reassurance to his Democratic allies, Biden made a massive gaffe when he referred to the President of Egypt as the President of Mexico. Some voices in the media attempted to make excuses for Biden, but others admitted that the press conference likely made matters worse.

Strategist James Carville, who worked with former President Bill Clinton, pointed out that the White House likely has low confidence in Biden since he declined to do the traditional presidential interview on Super Bowl Sunday. He argued that it was a bad look to miss out on the opportunity to reach millions of people at once. Former Clinton strategist Paul Begala said that Hur’s report was bad news for the Democratic Party. Former Secretary of State and failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also admitted that Biden’s age was a cause for concern during an interview that aired the day before Hur’s report was released.

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