Inside Epstein’s Island: Disturbing Images Emerge

( – Another batch of documents from the lawsuit that eventually helped land Ghislaine Maxwell behind bars was released on January 8, 2024. A file containing images from 2006 of young girls on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island was mistakenly released, but Judge Loretta Presak quickly ordered a refiling without the images included. Photos of Maxwell during the same period were also unsealed, discrediting her claim that she was not with Epstein at the time. Epstein’s associate Jean-Luc Brunel, who was found dead in his prison cell in France of an apparent suicide in 2023, was also pictured in the photos. He was arrested in 2020 for his alleged involvement with Epstein’s pedophile trafficking network.

Epstein victim Virginia Guiffre’s attorneys said that the photo evidence of Maxwell’s presence “unequivocally” proved that she was not being truthful when she testified under oath that she was “hardly around” during the time that Guiffre was victimized by Epstein. Her attorneys also referenced a deposition from another Epstein accuser named Sarah Ransome. Her claims have been called into question since she retracted several statements about former presidents Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, attorney Alan Dershowitz, Billionaire Richard Branson, and British Prince Andrew. Ransome also claimed that Epstein filmed Clinton, Branson, and Prince Andrew having intercourse with Guiffre, but also retracted those statements. Videos of the alleged acts have never surfaced.

Dershowitz intervened in the case and compelled the court to release other emails from Ransome to prove that her testimony was not credible. Former President Trump’s spokesperson Steven Cheung told Fox News that Ransome’s claims were false, which is why they were retracted years ago. A spokesperson for Branson said that Ransome admitted in an interview with the New Yorker to making up the claims about Epstein possessing tapes.

Guiffre settled the lawsuit against Maxwell in 2017, but Maxwell was eventually charged and convicted of trafficking Epstein’s victims. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison but has since appealed the conviction. None of Epstein’s associates have been identified or charged. Maxwell has said that she believes Epstein was killed in jail, but his jailhouse death was ruled a suicide.

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