Indiana Teen Retaliates After Lemonade Thrown at Her

( – In a viral video this week, social media was cheering for the 18-year-old car wash employee who got swift vengeance against a rude customer. Anna Harycki is a high school senior who works part-time at a car wash service in Fishers, Indiana. On February 3, she went to her job like any other day. However, a security camera caught an incident that catapulted the teen to her 15 minutes of internet fame.

In the video, Harycki can be seen from above as a customer’s white sedan pulls up. She says she loaded the car like she does every time making sure that it was safe, secure and ready for cleaning. Then, still following protocol, she entered in the code for the carwash the clients had paid for. The next part of her job is to start cleaning the car with a power washer, which she proceeded to do, only to be interrupted by a startling attack by the customer in the car.

The woman at the wheel rolled down her window, and thew lemonade from a to-go cup on Harycki, who almost seemed to instinctually turn the power hose on her assailant. Harycki says her intent was just to turn the power wash on the window the customer had just rolled down, apparently believing it was already rolled up and intending to startle the rude client. Unfortunately for the attacker, Harycki was too quick, and the power spray went right into the car.

The video made swift rounds around the internet with nearly all commenters siding with Harycki. People commenting on the social media platform X could hardly believe someone could be so miserable and cruel to a random innocent person who was just trying to do their job. The fact that the lemonade-soaked teenager enacted brief justice, then simply returned to her job hardly missing a beat inspired much admiration and praise. Like the internet fans, Harycki’s boss sided with the hardworking teen, and the customer and her boyfriend, who may have been in the vehicle at the time, are now both banned from the car wash.

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