Graham’s Flip-Flops Annoy Senate Colleagues

( – Senate Republicans have begun to express annoyance and confusion over the voting patterns of South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham. He recently voted against a bill that included aid for Israel, Taiwan and Ukraine but also some carefully negotiated funding for Homeland Security for the ongoing border crisis. Graham has been passionate in his support for the Ukrainian war efforts against Russia, and many Republicans were certain he would support this bill.

Graham defended his rejection of the bill on the grounds that it did not do enough to offer any defense against the unchecked migration happening at America’s southern border. He commented that he’d been to the border with Tim Scott, a fellow South Carolina Senator, and spoken to people who are dealing directly with the situation. They told him that without a return to the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy, the bill would not offer any meaningful help.

However, to some of his colleagues he seemed to have made an abrupt reversal when he ultimately voted against it. Republican Senator of Maine, Susan Collins, commented that while she was surprised at Graham’s vote, she knows that he was convinced that the border provisions in the bill were not strong enough. One unnamed Democratic senator said he thinks Graham is being led into uncharacteristic behavior because he is desperate to be re-elected.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer sardonically referred to Graham and Scott’s visit to the border as a “field trip” and commented that actions speak louder than words. Graham seemed to bristle at the criticism and referenced former president Trump’s belief that the foreign aid should be considered loans, rather than grants. He suggested that to get things done there needs to be some sort of House strategy and without it, nothing can ever get done. The foreign aid bill, minus the funding for border security was later passed with support from 22 Republicans.

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