Georgia DA Continues Testimony on Alleged Affair

( – Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis did not testify during the second day of the evidentiary hearing after the attorney representing her office said she had no further questions for Willis. The hearing was held to determine if Willis should be disqualified from leading the prosecution against former President Trump and 18 others. Judge Scott McAfee ordered the hearing after co-defendant Michael Roman accused Willis of having an “improper” relationship with the special prosecutor she hired to investigate the case.

Willis took the stand during the first day of the hearing, frequently sparring with Roman’s attorney, Ashleigh Merchant, over the allegations against her and special prosecutor Nathan Wade. At one point during her testimony, Judge Scott McAfee called a temporary recess after Willis accused Merchant of lying about instances of Wade visiting Willis at her home. The pair previously claimed that their relationship began in 2022, but a former employee of the DA’s office and a friend of Willis testified that they began seeing each other in 2019.

Roman initially filed a motion to have Willis disqualified on January 8, accusing her of financially benefiting from her appointment of Wade as special prosecutor. The pair took multiple exotic vacations together that Roman believes were paid for with money he earned while investigating Trump and the other co-defendants. Merchant also gave Judge McAffee text messages between her and Wade’s former law partner and divorce attorney, Terrence Bradley, that allegedly prove that Wade and Willis perjured themselves when claiming their relationship did not begin until 2022.

Judge McAfee initially said that the texts would not be admitted as evidence because Bradley may have broken attorney-client privilege by divulging the information to Merchant. However, McAfee said that he would hold a meeting with Bradley and his attorney to determine whether he had the right to invoke attorney-client privilege after wrongly using it to avoid answering other questions during his testimony.

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