Fetterman Supports Challenger Andy Kim Against Bob Menendez

(IntegrityTimes.com) – Pennsylvania Democratic Senator John Fetterman has proven to be unafraid of voicing his opinion about hot-button issues, even when they involve his political party. Many of his colleagues remained silent after New Jersey Democratic Senator Bob Menendez was indicted by the Department of Justice in September 2023. Some argued that he was entitled to due process like any other citizen, but Fetterman was not as forgiving and immediately called for Menendez to resign. He said that Menendez’s “influence over national policy” must stop, especially since he was charged with accepting bribes in exchange for using his position to benefit the Egyptian government.

On January 18 Fetterman endorsed New Jersey Democratic Representative Andy Kim for Menendez’s seat. He told the New York Times that “Andy Kim is the kind of guy we can count on,” adding that the Democrats need to do everything possible to boost voter turnout and keep the majority in the Senate. Congressman Kim responded to Fetterman’s endorsement with appreciation and noted that the situation was complicated with Menendez still in office. Menendez has not announced that he will seek another term. However, he did say that he was not going anywhere and would be cleared of all charges in a statement released after his indictment was announced. Fetterman has continued to call for his resignation.

Another candidate in the running is New Jersey Democratic Governor Phil Murphy’s wife, Tammy Murphy. She has received endorsements from five congressional Democrats representing New Jersey, including Reps. Frank Pallone of Long Branch, Donald Norcross of Camden, Bill Pascrell of Paterson, Josh Gottheimer of Wyckoff, and Donald Payne Jr. of Newark. Fetterman voiced his concerns about backing Murphy to the NYT. He claimed that she was a former Republican and was not worth the risk with the Senate so politically divided. Kim has served three terms in Congress, but the lack of endorsements from his colleagues could hurt him in the primaries. Murphy will likely be Kim’s biggest threat to a victory, even if Menendez chooses to run again.

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