Experts Sound Alarm on Illegal Immigration’s Electoral Influence

( – In the U.S. the population of a state determines how many seats in the House that state is apportioned. It also determines how many electoral votes that state has in a presidential election. Since former president Trump’s attempt to alter official census rules to include a question about citizenship status failed, illegal immigrants are now counted as part of the population of a state, and with high immigration numbers a state can be allotted more House seats, and more electoral votes.

His first month in office, President Biden signed a decree that illegal immigrants must be counted towards apportionment, incentivizing some to work tirelessly to increase illegal immigration as much as possible. The number of congressional seats is limited to only 435 , so the additional representation gained by having non-citizens residents in one state may come at the cost of fair representation for citizens in another state.

In 2023, there were over 2.4 million encounters with people who were illegally entering the U.S. and it only takes a population of 761,168 residents to entitle a state to an additional House seat. The numbers seen in 2023 alone could account for at least 22 seats. The power granted by a state counting millions of residents who are not citizens could easily be powerful enough to change the presidential election against the will of the voters.

Tennessee Republican Senator Bill Hagerty, along with 20 of his Republican colleagues, has put forward the “Equal Representation Act” which would not cut illegal immigrants out of the census but would require them to be counted separately from citizens and not counted toward House seat or Electoral College apportionment. Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies, Mark Krikorian, points out that there are a lot of very close votes where those extra House seats, based on non-citizen representation, would make all the difference. In an election year where immigration is on everyone’s mind, a voter must consider if the government representatives they are voting for represent the citizens of America or if they are just vying for more power.

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