Ex-Funeral Homeowner Arrested for Having Two-Year-Old Corpse

(IntegrityTimes.com) – Thursday, February 22, 33-year-old Miles Harford was arrested in Denver, Colorado in relation to the many boxes of human cremains found in the rental home he was being evicted from, in addition to the corpse he had stored in a defunct hearse he had parked in the backyard. There were more cremains stored in the hearse as well. Harford was the owner and operator of Apollo Funeral and Cremation Services for 10 years before it closed down for good in September of 2022.

The remains were discovered on February 6, and a warrant for his arrest was issued on February 12. Harford was questioned by the police when the remains were first discovered during which he admitted that due to owing money to several crematoriums, he had been unable to have the body cremated like he had agreed to, and simply stashed it in his hearse although it is unclear why he still had so many humans cremains as well. After a video hearing on Friday February 23, he was released to await trial. The warrant issued for Harford stipulated he was wanted in connection with abuse of a corpse, theft, and forgery. If he is convicted, he would only face up to 3 years in prison.

Harford learned his trade when he was an assistant funeral director for Littleton’s Drinkwine Family Mortuary. However, Colorado does not require operators of funeral homes to have a degree in mortuary science, there is no special testing, and the state does not perform annual inspections. Harford was outwardly very successful in his business and enjoyed spending a lot of money on clothes and travel, but in reality, he was deeply in debt for years, owing $35,000 to Wilbert Funeral Services and $14,000 to Abbott Funeral Services along with other debts and contracts he had not honored.

This disturbing case comes on the heels of several other funeral home scandals that have been plaguing Colorado. In one such case, Jon and Carrie Hallford who operated the Return to Nature Funeral Home in Colorado Springs were arrested on November 28 after 189 decaying bodies were discovered at the facility nearly a year after their operating license expired and there have been over 2 dozen other criminal cases and complaints regarding funeral homes in Colorado since 2007. Patty Salazar, the executive director of the state agency that oversees funeral homes, says that the current regulations have failed, and Colorado needs to do better.

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