Disney Exec Blames Fans for Box Office Failures

(IntegrityTimes.com) – Puck is an online media company that covers popular news in an engaging style. Recently Matt Belloni of Puck interviewed an anonymous Disney executive about the company’s recent problems. It is well known that newer Disney movies have not been doing as well as the company would prefer, with many families avoiding Disney products and media due to ideological and political disagreements over how the company is run and the messaging that infuses their modern works.

The unnamed executive seemed exasperated that so many people blame the movies themselves for the poor performance. They said that the problem is that the “politicized” audience conflates disliking the message of the films with the quality of them. For instance, they may say the movie is poorly made when what the executive thinks they really mean is that they find female empowerment distasteful. The unnamed source believes that when the audience demands better movies, what they are really asking for is more male-centered films with sexist regressive stereotypes.

It does seem a bit of an extreme interpretation but that is evidently how the company frames the reactions to their new movies. It is not their fault the films aren’t doing well, but rather the audience’s fault that they are not good enough people to want to see the progressive movies that Disney is committed to making. However, it is unlikely that most of the country are just too sexist to enjoy movies with female leads, as there have been many hits and cult favorites going back decades that also center strong women.

Critics have also been less than enthusiastic about Disney’s modern offerings as well, with films like “The Marvels” and “The Haunted Mansion” scoring poorly on Rotten Tomatoes. Puck also ran an opinion poll recently to see how people feel about the major film companies. Disney had the lowest scores, with 21% having an unfavorable opinion on them. None of the other companies included in the survey scored more than 11% unfavorable, with even Disney-owned Hulu only scoring 8% unfavorable. It’s unclear if the respondents knew Hulu is owned by Disney, or if they knew but still disliked the Disney brand more for some reason.

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