DeSantis Urges Disclosure of Epstein Files

( – On Wednesday February 21, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis posted on the social media platform X about his intention to sign a bill into law that would make public all the files regarding the criminal activities of the late Jeffrey Epstein. This was in response to a post regarding the Florida senate passing the bill that day, after having already been passed in the House. Now, it only awaits the governor’s signature to finally pass it.

After years of rumors, accusations, and even convictions that he served time for, Epstein was arrested in 2019 for trafficking minors. His townhouse was searched and turned up a multitude of evidence, including nude photographs of underage girls. He was found dead in his prison cell on July 23, 2019, of apparent suicide, although the circumstances around his death have inflamed international imagination and led to rampant suspicion. The public has been calling for the release of the evidence against him for years now.

Many wealthy, powerful, and popular influential figures have been associated with Epstein over the years. He has been photographed with several American presidents, leaders of industry, and popular entertainers. His private plane, nicknamed The Lolita Express, has shuttled the rich and famous around the country, and many have visited his private island, Little St. James in the U.S. Virgin Islands. People are acutely aware of how intertwined his life was with public figures they have strong feelings about, whether positive or negative, and they have been demanding those who spent time in his circle also be investigated.

Ghislaine Maxwell, a close associate of Epstein’s, is serving time in a prison in Brooklyn for her part in his operation. Attempts have been made to release documents that may have helped convict Maxwell too. With DeSantis’s promise to sign the bill, people may finally get the evidence they have been asking for. Much of the concern over Epstein and Maxwell’s convictions relates to the fact that they were convicted of sex trafficking, but nobody has yet been investigated for being their clients. The demand for more information is really a demand for justice to find those who participated in Epstein’s operation and who may still be getting away with it.

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