Democrat Governors Clash Over Migrant Bussing Dispute

( – Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has been bussing illegal migrants to major Democrat-run cities across the United States for nearly two years now. Democratic Governors and city mayors continue to claim that they welcome the inflow, but the record number of arrivals has forced some to complain publicly. A recent report from the Chicago Sun Times highlighted the squabbles between Democratic governors and mayors for sending the illegal migrants to each other’s cities and states. Democratic Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker reportedly took issue with Colorado libertarian Democratic Governor Jared Polis for buying tickets to Chicago for migrants who arrive in Denver, calling the action “unhelpful.”

According to the report, Polis told Pritzker that the illegal migrants were requesting to be sent to Chicago after arriving in Denver. Pritzker responded by telling Polis that he could “do the same thing back” if he wanted. He added that he would not take the same action as Polis because the bussing from city to city should not be happening. According to the report, Pritzker also gave Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson a list of mayors to call to tell them to stop transporting the illegal migrants to Chicago. He told Johnson to start with New York City Mayor Eric Adams, according to the report.

Former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was also interviewed for the report. The illegal migrant arrivals began just as she was leaving office. She told the outlet that she and Adams sent a letter to Polis to stop sending the illegal migrants to their cities. She said that Polis did not stop the activity until she brought the issue into the public eye. Pritzker told the outlet that he did not take Abbott’s bussing plan seriously at first, but Lightfoot said that it felt like the city was being ambushed right from the beginning. She said that city officials did not have any information about the people arriving, including their origin country, status, or the number of people on each bus.

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