Controversial Vigil at High School for Fidel Castro

( – Indoctrination in education has been at the forefront of discussion for the last several years. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives have been adopted by grade schools and higher education institutions. Republicans have sounded the alarm, likening DEI to Critical Race Theory (CRT), which is rooted in Marxism. Democrats have fought back with claims that Republicans were targeting teachers and trying to control what students are taught. The effort to end DEI has proven successful in some Republican states but is pushing full steam ahead in others.

A high school in Shoreline, Washington, recently held an assembly honoring Martin Luther King Jr., but a student-led candlelight vigil prompted backlash from some parents. A slideshow was presented on a projector screen by a student-presenter who indicated that the vigil was a traditional event at the school. The student said that they would be paying tribute to “people who were martyred” during their efforts to advance social justice causes. Among those listed was Fidel Castro, an avowed Marxist-Leninist who converted Cuba to a socialist state under Communist Party rule. He was never martyred but resigned from his position within the government in 2011. He lived a long life, dying in 2016 from a chronic illness at the age of 90.

An administrator from the school claimed that Castro was selected because of his work in decolonization but said that his “problematic leadership and actions” were also mentioned. However, only the Cuban government was criticized, not Castro directly. The presentation also included criticism of the United States for its attempt to remove Castro.

Another shocking occurrence at the assembly, which is reportedly commonplace at the school, was the moment of silence that was imposed instead of a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. A slide of the pledge at the assembly was obtained by The Jason Rantz Show, which showed an abbreviated version that did not mention the United States by name. The presentation did include a performance of the so-called black national anthem.

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