Clinton Points to Biden’s Age Concerns

( – Former Secretary of State and failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton weighed in on President Biden’s age during a recent interview with MSNBC’s Alex Wagner. The pre-recorded sit-down aired on February 7, just one day before the damning report from Special Counsel Robert Hur that detailed Biden’s memory problems and elderly status. Clinton said that she believed the concern from voters about Biden’s age was “a legitimate issue.” She noted that she was in communication with White House staffers who admit that Biden’s age is a problem. She then claimed that former President Trump’s age was also cause for concern.

Clinton told Wagner that her advice to President Biden would be to “lean in to the fact that he’s experienced,” but not just politically. She said that Biden should utilize his wisdom and character to strategize on how to deal with Russian aggression. She compared Biden and Trump’s interactions with the American people, claiming that Trump only gives speeches while Biden spends time talking to people. Wagner piped in and noted that Biden does not speak to the media. Clinton brushed it off and claimed that Trump does not speak to the press either, failing to consider how available he was to the press during his administration.

Phillippe Reines, a former advisor to Clinton, believes that Biden should hold more press conferences to prevent the media from harping on singular gaffes during rare press briefings. Following Biden’s last-minute press conference after the release of Hur’s report, the New York Times Editorial Board argued that his performance did not provide the assurances that the American people needed to believe he was up to the job. Instead, Biden became frustrated with reporters asking about him sharing classified information with his ghostwriter and mistakenly referred to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as the president of Mexico. On February 9, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre blew off questions from the media about the report, including whether the American people could trust Biden with the nuclear codes.

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