Chinese Military Claims It Can Now Hack Foreign Radar

( – Scientists from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Naval Aviation University claim to have developed an algorithm that can pick up radar signatures from ships, aircraft, and radars from other countries. Back in December, PLA scientists and colleagues from Yantai University in the Shandong province published their findings in a peer-reviewed journal. The South China Morning Post reported the development on December 7, writing that the Chinese Navy said they applied the old Chinese proverb “borrowing a blade to slay” when developing the algorithm. It will allow users to turn “an adversary’s weapon against them” using only an antenna, a wave analyzer, and a laptop computer.

Scientist Song Jie from PLA Naval Aviation University led the team of researchers that developed the algorithm, which is said to be highly beneficial to nations that do not have the means to develop or purchase costly technology. It could be used in various ways, such as detecting anti-radiation weaponry and conducting penetration missions at low altitudes, according to the researchers. Since the 1935 invention of the radar that is widely used today, signal transmissions could only be used by the originator or their partners. Song and his team successfully exploited the signals to pick up ships moving to and from ports with the new algorithm. The researchers said that the new system is best used for targets in the ocean and touted its potential to detect enemy warships.

The PLA primarily uses its outer space assets to track adversarial activity, so the likelihood that the new technology would be used by the PLA is slim. The research team reported challenges during the development of the new technology when attempting to detect radar signals from a ship. Direct signals from ships normally also reflect off of the ship’s hull, which could lead to inaccuracies when determining a vessel’s position. The researchers solved this problem by separating the signals during processing. China has made clear that it is determined to make the PLA the most powerful military in the world. The new technology could advance and change the use of radar technology in modern warfare.

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