Chicago Black Democrats Sue Mayor Over Housing

( – More than 35,000 illegal migrants have filled the shelters in the nation’s third largest city over the last 18 months. Warehouses have been converted to shelters to house the migrants, and daily border crossings continue to surge. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) apprehended a record 300,000 migrants in December, with thousands headed straight to Chicago and other major cities. Democratic Mayor Brandon Johnson has called on the Biden administration to provide additional federal funding to accommodate the influx. His most recent plan to house the illegal migrants in community centers and schools was met with two lawsuits from black Democratic residents.

While Chicago Democrats are known for their devotion to party politics, the threat of taking away community resources was a step too far. During the search to provide more shelter for the illegal migrants, Johnson and other officials drafted a plan to use community centers and schools around the city. A field house at Amundsen Park was chosen, sparking instant fury among residents. The location is used daily by children in the community to play football, keeping them out of trouble and off the streets. A daycare center is also located in the field house.

A handwritten lawsuit on notebook paper was filed by Cata Truss, who works for the government, and Gerald Harris, who spends time coaching football to teenagers in the park. Several of their neighbors also signed onto the lawsuit. They argued that the location was “designated for recreational use within the community” only. Truss also expressed frustration with the $250 million that Mayor Johnson had spent on services for the illegal migrants. She said that the black community in Chicago is facing a humanitarian crisis, with most living in poverty. However, when a need is presented, the city always claims that they do not have the money to help.

Another lawsuit was filed by a former US Navy officer J Darnell Jones, who works as a DEI consultant, and Natasha Dunn, an activist for local public school education. They successfully quashed an effort by the city to convert an abandoned school on the South Side of Chicago into a shelter. The school was shut down several years ago, but the residents in the neighborhood have spent many years advocating for the building to be used as a community center. Jones made clear that President Biden was to blame for the migrant crisis, despite Johnson pointing the finger at Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

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