Bowman and Bush Face Escalating Primary Challengers

( – The far-left progressive wing of the Democratic Party could shrink after the 2024 primaries. New York Democratic Representative Jamaal Bowman and Missouri Democratic Representative Cori Bush are facing serious challengers this cycle who outraised the pair in the last quarter of 2023. Both lawmakers have been in the headlines far too often in the last year, which could affect their chances at reelection. Both have also faced scrutiny for their seemingly anti-Israel stance and calls for a cease-fire in Gaza.

Bowman’s challenger is George Latimer, who currently serves as the County Executive for Westchester County in New York. He is more of a moderate Democrat than Bowman, which voters have reportedly viewed positively. Latimer’s campaign reported $1.4 million in donations for the last quarter of 2023, while Bowman’s campaign brought in just $724,000. A spokesperson for Bowman brushed off the staggering discrepancy and accused Latimer of being connected to “Republican Trump mega donors.” He pointed out that many of Latimer’s campaign fundraising events were hosted by prominent GOP donors.

The spokesperson also said that voters in New York’s 14th Congressional District are seeking accountability for the former president and would not get behind someone connected to the GOP. However unworried Bowman’s campaign may be, his controversial actions and stance on Israel could push voters to support Latimer. In September 2023, Bowman was caught pulling a fire alarm in the Cannon House Office Building just before the House was set to vote on a government funding bill that would have shut down the government if not passed. Bowman initially claimed that he accidentally pulled the alarm, but video released by Capitol Police showed him removing the emergency exit signs from the door and then intentionally pulling the fire alarm. He was charged with a misdemeanor and pleaded guilty.

Bush is currently under investigation by the Department of Justice for allegedly misusing federal funds to pay for private security. She has denied any wrongdoing. Her challenger is St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell. He outraised Bush by a small margin in the last quarter of 2023 but said that his campaign was receiving endorsements from many members of the community and local officials.

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