Biden’s Border Strategy Hinges on Ukraine and Israel Funding

( – The three-year crisis at the southern border has become a priority for the Biden administration conveniently just nine months before the 2024 presidential election. Biden’s battle with Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has drawn extra attention to the matter in recent weeks. Abbott has refused to back down from protecting the borders of the state, even as the Department of Justice attempts to shut down his efforts with lawsuits.

Three Senators, including Oklahoma Republican James Lankford, are currently finalizing a new border bill that has the endorsement of Biden. However, there is a catch. Congress must include funding for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan if they want Biden’s signature on the bill. Biden released a statement calling on Congress to pass the legislation and the aid package he requested back in October 2023.

Although most Senate Republicans have not been allowed to read the legislation, several have already said that it would not be something they would support. The bill would allegedly allow up to 5,000 illegal migrants into the United States each day, which Lankford has outright denied. During a Fox News interview on January 28, the lawmaker attempted to rationalize that the bill would change the way Biden has been handling the border, a notion that most are not buying.

Many lawmakers have correctly pointed out that Biden already has the authority to get the situation under control at the border. House Speaker Mike Johnson said that Biden’s claim that the legislation must pass “to allow him to close the southern border” was false, and that “he knows that is untrue.” Former President Trump has also spoken out against the legislation. In a Truth Social post, Trump wrote that the purpose of the bill was to enable Biden to blame Republicans when it does not pass. House Republicans have already made clear that the bill is likely dead on arrival from the Senate.

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