Biden’s Abortion Ad Accused of Containing Major Falsehood

( – With the 2024 election season underway, the Biden campaign has begun pitching its main talking points to voters. At the top of the list, just behind squashing the MAGA movement, is abortion. The United States Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade has fueled Democratic campaigns for nearly two years now, with candidates warning of a Republican effort to ban abortion nationwide. On January 23, Biden held his first campaign rally in Virginia, which focused on restoring Roe v. Wade. He blamed former President Trump for “taking away this freedom in America,” which he said has forced women to travel to different states for abortions.

A clip of Biden yelling an incoherent sentence about abortion dung the rally went viral on social media. However, most mainstream media outlets chose to cover the repeated interruptions from pro-Palestinian protestors. Biden’s campaign also recently released a new advertisement featuring a story about a woman from Texas who was allegedly forced to seek an out of state abortion to save her own life. Austin Dennard’s unborn child was diagnosed with anencephaly, which is a condition where the brain and skull never fully develop. However, the defect does not pose a risk to the mother. Most anencephalic babies only survive for a few hours after birth or are stillborn.

The advertisement claims that Dennard’s life would have been “at risk” if she had stayed in Texas. Dennard filed legal paperwork in an attempt to compel changes to the state’s pro-life laws. She did not argue that her life was in jeopardy in the filing, but instead said that she left Texas to abort her baby because it was not developing properly. While having a child with anencephaly is devastating, it does not fall into Texas’s exceptions that allow an abortion when the life of the mother is in jeopardy. Dennard was 11 weeks pregnant when she found out that her baby had anencephaly, and she was able to travel to a state with laws that allowed her to have an abortion. However, the Biden campaign’s attempt to claim that Dennard’s life was in jeopardy was simply not true.

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