AOC and MTG Trade Insults During Merrick Garland Contempt Hearing

( – Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and New York Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had a rough exchange on May 16 during a contempt hearing for US Attorney General Merrick Garland. The Congress Oversight Committee held the hearing as he refused to comply with a subpoena to deliver the tape recording of an interview between US President Joe Biden and a special counsel.

The brawl between the two congresswomen came after some other lawmakers started to discuss with each other, over 30 minutes after the hearing started. It all began after Texas Representative Jasmine Crockett asked Greene if she had any idea of why the hearing was taking place, to which Greene responded by making fun of her eyelashes and the way she was reading.

When the exchange was getting more tense, the Chairman of the Oversight Committee James Comer asked for order in the room so the hearing could continue. However, Ocasio-Cortez immediately demanded a point of order as she wanted to “take down” Greene’s words, which she considered “unacceptable” as she said that the Georgia representative was making fun of Crockett’s “physical appearance.”

Before finishing her point, Greene immediately asked Ocasio-Cortez if she “hurt” her feelings. The progressive leader shot back by calling Greene a “baby girl” and saying that she shouldn’t “play” with her. The chairman then decided to suspend Garland’s hearing as lawmakers started to discuss whether it was a proper move to strike Greene’s words or not. Ocasio-Cortez could be heard during the discussion claiming that the House of Representatives shouldn’t allow any representative to mock another colleague.

While Greene eventually agreed to strike her comments, she said she wouldn’t deliver any apology and insulted the New York representative, prompting her to ask Comer to also strike those other comments. Following the hearing, Crockett blasted Greene on her Twitter account and claimed she wasn’t surprised by what she did as she was a “mentally deficient” woman.

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