Andy McCarthy Urges 25th Amendment Hearings for Biden

( – Following President Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance on CNN against former president Donald Trump, a former U.S. Attorney is calling on Congress to hold hearings to remove Biden from office. Andy McCarthy, once an assistant U.S. Attorney, said the country is at a level of danger similar to the time “right before 9/11,” and Biden’s questionable mental state is alarming.

McCarthy appeared on Fox News’ show “Outnumbered.” He was responding to a discussion about Biden’s behavior over time, culminating in the President’s debate appearance. During the debate, Biden stumbled over his words, confusing topics and making statements that were hard or impossible to understand. At one point, he mistakenly said, “We finally beat Medicare.” It was unclear what he may have meant to say.

Viewers also saw Biden frequently staring open-mouthed in various directions on the debate stage as if he were not aware of his surroundings.

During the Fox appearance, McCarthy said “I think it’s time to have 25th Amendment hearings.” The 25th Amendment to the Constitution allows a president to be removed from office for “inability” to carry out the office. McCarthy said he did not care about political campaigns, but that he was alarmed at the potential for terrorism that exists in the U.S. The atmosphere is “reminiscent” of the time right before the 2001 terrorist attacks, according to McCarthy, and “it is crazy to have someone who is non compos mentis” in the White House.

Many more Republican lawmakers are talking about the 25th Amendment, though they are not in agreement.

The process for 25th Amendment hearings has already started, though it is unclear how far it may go. Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy put forward a bill last week that aims to persuade Vice President Kamala Harris to coordinate the administration’s Cabinet into declaring Biden unfit. At the moment, this seems unlikely to succeed given that Harris has stated she is committed to a Biden-Harris ticket. But political winds can shift on a dime, and there is widespread speculation among commentators about Harris’ chances of either replacing Biden during the remainder of his term, or of becoming the Democratic Party’s nominee this fall.

Chip Roy’s resolution states that President Biden has “repeatedly and publicly demonstrated his inability” to carry out the duties of the presidency.

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