Agency Offers Up to $60K Student Loan Forgiveness

( – The US government has revealed plans to forgive up to $60,000 in student loan repayments in a program for US Citizenship and Immigration Services staff. The notice circulated at the Department of Homeland Security agency stated that its employees can earn $10,000 in loan forgiveness each year provided they make a three-year commitment. The program allows them to collect loan forgiveness under these terms for up to six years until the $60,000 threshold is reached.

In February President Joe Biden scrapped $1.2 billion in student debt for more than 150,000 people. Only those who enrolled in the Saving on a Valuable Education repayment scheme, borrowed a maximum of $12,000, and made payments for at least a decade would be eligible for loan forgiveness under the plan.

In June 2024 challenges by two federal courts blocked the student loan relief plan. President Joe Biden promised to “vigorously defend” its proposals for repayment and loan forgiveness. Two Republican coalitions submitted lawsuits against the SAVE repayment plan, claiming Biden was attempting to impose an “extraordinarily expensive” policy that would not make it through Congress. Two District Judges – Daniel Crabtree of Kansas and John Ross of Missouri – ruled on June 24 to halt the program. Both judges, who were appointed by former President Barack Obama, ruled that Biden went beyond his legal authority.

The proposed student loan forgiveness for DHS employees follows the Biden-Harris administration’s pledge to reduce or cancel student loan debt for as many as possible as rapidly as possible. Despite plans being hindered at the Supreme Court, the existence of multiple loan forgiveness plans that have already entered effect means that many student loans are being forgiven despite Biden’s setbacks.

The Secretary of Education is granted the ability to expand current programs under previous laws that make student loan forgiveness possible. The Biden administration therefore has a combination of existing programs, expanded programs and proposed loan forgiveness schemes to rely on to reduce debt for university students and graduates.

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