ABC Host Abruptly Cuts Off JD Vance Over Supreme Court Remarks

( – Ohio Republican Senator J.D. Vance made headlines on February 4 after sparring with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. The conversation quickly went sour when Vance was asked about comments he made during a 2021 podcast regarding gutting the administrative state. Stephanopoulos asked Vance to confirm if the Constitution required the president to “abide by legitimate Supreme Court” decisions. Vance responded, noting that the Constitution gives the Supreme Court the authority to make rulings. However, he added that if the Court ruled that a president could not fire military officials, their ruling would be illegitimate, and the president could invoke Article 2.

Vance made clear that he hoped the Supreme Court would never make such a decision but told Stephanopoulos that “there are multiple examples throughout American history of the president doing just that.” The longtime anchor attempted to put words in Vance’s mouth, arguing that Vance believed that a president could go against any ruling from the Court. Vance tried to respond, but the network cut his microphone before going to a commercial break. Upon return, Stephanopoulos sarcastically reiterated Vance’s alleged call for former President Trump to terminate every government employee and disregard Supreme Court rulings.

Vance told Stephanopoulos that he was referring to government bureaucrats who go against the wishes of elected members of the government. He provided an example of how bureaucrats at the Defense Department reacted when Trump wanted to pull deployed troops out of Syria and Jordan after the ISIS caliphate was destroyed. Vance noted that if those troops had been redeployed, the three soldiers who were killed on January 28 would not have been there to die. Vance went on to argue that failing to follow the rules was a legitimate reason for termination and that the president should not be hindered by defiant bureaucrats. Vance was one of the first United States Senators to endorse Trump for reelection and has spoken out on multiple occasions about the administrative state.

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