A Neck-Breaking Surprise: Husband’s $100K Lottery Trick

(IntegrityTimes.com) – The Missouri lottery has been running since 1985 with proceeds going into the state’s educational funding since 1994. One of their more popular games is “$100 Million Cash Bonanza” game which is a $20 scratch-off game with individual prizes that range from $100 to $4 million. According to a January 22 news release from The Missouri lottery’s media center, an unnamed man recently won a $100,000 prize with that game but decided to play a playful prank on his wife in the process.

The man says that’s he’s been a long-time fan of the game and plays it frequently with his wife. He usually just picks up one of the playing cards and then takes it home where he allows her to be the one to scratch off the play areas. On this occasion, he stopped in a Schnucks supermarket in Ballwin, MO but instead of simply taking the ticket home he impulsively decided to do something different. He scratched off the ticket’s barcode on the back. Then he used the lottery website to scan it with his phone, discovering it was a winner.

While obviously thrilled by the $100,000 prize he decided to trick his wife just a little bit. He left the playing areas untouched and took the card home for her to scratch as usual, giving no obvious signs that he already knew the outcome. He said that when she scratched it off and saw the substantial win, she “about broke” his neck screaming and grabbing him in her excitement.

The $100,000 prize is certainly nothing to scoff at, but the Missouri lottery has been eager to point out that there are still more than $32 million in cash prizes still to be won. The as-yet unclaimed prizes include the two top prizes of $4 million each, as well as seven $100,000 second-place prizes. As far as lotteries go, nothing is certain but the odds of winning at least a small prize with these $20 tickets are pretty fair as the Missouri lottery claims the odds of winning a single prize with one of their “$100 Million Cash Bonanza” is 1 in 3.28.

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